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People with dementia sometimes need a helping hand to go about their daily lives and feel included in our community. To provide this helping hand, Dementia Friends Gibraltar aims to give people an understanding of dementia and the small things that they can do to make a difference to people affected by dementia. A Dementia Friend Gibraltar is someone who learns a little bit more about what it is like to live with dementia and then turns that understanding into simple actions that can help people with dementia live well. From helping someone to find the right bus to spreading the word about dementia on social media; every action counts. Our Dementia Friends Gibraltar programme focuses on 5 key messages that we believe everyone should know about dementia:-

Registering to become a Dementia Friend Gibraltar is easy and means joining a growing movement of individuals and workplaces who are increasing awareness and creating positive change. If you haven’t already registered, please do so now. If you have, thanks for becoming a Dementia Friend Gibraltar.